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Amperage LLC has several Pickman Trucks in stock in Frederick, MD.  They are being sold FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.  Reservations can be made for in-stock vehicles with a $2,000 deposit, full payment upon pickup or prior to delivery. 


All new arrival trucks are 5kw motor models, and include Air Conditioning and Trailer Hitch options.  All remaining trucks have a Front Push Bar. Some have Lead Acid AGM Batteries, and some have Lithium Batteries.  The two In Stock Demonstrator Trucks are both 4kw Models.  Please refer to the specific truck for included options. 

The listed price includes all destination charges, located in Frederick, MD.   Local Pickup is preferred, but Shipping is available at a direct cost to customers from Frederick, MD (21701).  Maryland Tax of 6% will be collected, but most states have reciprocal tax agreements.

Please CONTACT us if you have any questions about anything.  Custom orders are still available, but prices are variable due to the current volatile overseas shipping market.


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