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The Pickman Utility Vehicle is a basic no-frills truck that keeps it simple.  If you want a proven electric vehicle that is low on technology, but high on function, this is the vehicle for you. 

While other electric vehicle manufactures are selling concepts and reservations, Kylectric offers a history of automobile manufacturing.  Over 40,000 Pickmans have been manufactured and delivered in Asia.  Now they are finally being imported to the USA.

The Pickman is being sold as an unregistered off-road vehicle.  But it does come with all of the paperwork, and most of the equipment, required to register as a LSV or NEV in some states and municipalities. 

Of course, they can be driven as delivered in thousands of private communities that currently allow golf carts. 

Be the first on your block to own one!  Contact us for more information.

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